ID Service Rate per 1000 Min order Max order
YouTube Views
24 YouTube HR VİEWS 5-20MİN 1K-5K/day Views ~ 1.65 50 2 147 483 647
Start in 1-5min.

Average speed is 500-4k/day.

Retention 1-20min

No 18+, no live

external traffice source

95-100% from real

30 days gurentee
avaible yt short video
need open embed
31 598 ⚡⚡Youtube Watchtime [4000 Hours] [30 Days guarantee ] [60 min Video] Non Drops Stabil Services 19.01.2024 New Price Uptaded 30.00 100 4 000
Get WatchTime Hours required for Channel Monetization
Video length required: 60min+
3000 Views = 1000h
Start time: 1-4 min
Source: Google Real
Average Speed 50h-100h /day average


- Do not remove, private or disable embed video after ordering
- Embed is open only send
- Guarantee: 30 days refill

-Speed may be low when service is overloaded
-If Video Less Then 1 Hours No Guarantee for Refill or Refund
- The system does not have its Own Counter,
So it only Relies on the Number of views starting and Ending on the video to Calculate the WATCH HOURS,
So in the Process of Running WATCH HOURS views with natural views mixed into the system will not be Responsible.

If Oragnic Views Mix You may get Less Hours and No Guarantee for That
12 test 1000000.00 100 10 000 000